Monday, June 16, 2014

Sargento Ultra Thin review

So I do this thing on Influnester. Every once in a while they send me something to review, I try it out log in and review it.
This time it was Sargento Ultra Thin cheese. They sent me two coupons and a cooler bag. The coupons were for a dollar off, and a free package. 
Mister went to the store, he does the shopping. So he picked the cheese. He got pepper jack. Not my favorite flavor, but it was still good. When he got home, he said "I don't think you've ever seen cheese this thin!" And it really is thin!
I liked it because it's only 40 calories, but you don't give up any of the flavor, like you do with other "lite" cheeses. 

We threw them on our burgers the first time we used them, and it was goooood! I've also had them with crackers, and just had a sandwich with them. Also really good. This was a really fun and tasty review. Looking forward to more!