Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

A friend of mine started this, and I thought it was an amazing idea! I'm great at taking pictures of Sweet Pea, but would like to document her life in words a little more. Each week, I'd like to try to bullet point things about Sweet Pea.

  • She claps her feet when she's really excited about something.
  • She loves FaceTiming with my mom, and always looks behind the iPad to see if she's there. She does it some with the TV too.
  • She's extremely ticklish, especially under her arms.
  • Her favorite words to say are giggle and wiggle.
  • She bring her puppy baby to Mister, so he will sing with her.
  • If she doesn't like a food, she sticks out her tongue and just lets it fall out of her mouth.
  • She still puts the blanket up by her nose to fall asleep.