Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

  • I fell asleep with Sweet Pea today, in our nap chair. Tomorrow I hope to start transitioning to the bed. 
  • The circus is in town, right next door....the base from the music is ridiculous. They need to leave. 
  • My cousin is in labor!!! 7/28/14 I'm so excited for her!
  • I'm transitioning Sweet Pea to sleep off of me, and today is the first day. It took an hour, but she's currently sleeping in the bed, off of me! There were NO tears. I'm right next to her, because if she wakes up, it's a big drop, even though we took the bed apart. But, I was able to put diapers away, eat a sandwich and pee, all while she slept. Progress.
  • I put lavender doTerra oil on the bottom of Sweet Pea's feet before nap time today, and she fell asleep, off of me, in 20 minutes! Success!
  • Sweet Pea currently has her second fever right now, and threw up all over me last night. I'm hoping it's just teeth, and not a virus. She's even taking a second nap today, which rarely happens anymore. And I'm holding her, because, it wasn't planned. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

14 month update, and more

I feel like this past month went a little slower than previous months. I can almost accept that Sweet Pea is now 14 months old. Almost. 

Sweet Pea just walks now. There is no more crawling. When she gets really excited, and runs, she'll sometimes fall down, so we don't fully trust her on concrete yet. But she gets more confident everyday.

She's getting curl to her hair. It's mainly in the back, but it's there. 

She does amazingly well playing on her own. Unless I leave the room for extended periods of time. 

We're going to dismantle my bed and put the box springs and mattress on the floor, to make it safer for Sweet Pea. In hopes of transitioning her to sleeping on her own, during nap time. At least with me in the same room, but not holding her. So I can lull her back to sleep if I need to. It's going to be interesting, because whenever I take her in there to nap, she wakes right up and won't settle. But, we have a good nap time routine down, so hopefully that will help?
Sweet Pea hasn't had much of an appetite as of late, and I think it's due to teething. She spits out a great deal of her food and throws it on the floor, unless it's cheese. Even food she generally likes. I think it's normal, and if she's hungry, she'll eat. 
Today is Mister and my 9 year anniversary. Now that's a hard on to wrap my head around. On one hand it feels like forever that we've been together, on the could it be 9 years?? Crazy. We're staying in and having a nice steak dinner. It's going to be lovely. 
I'm working on changing my screen name....It's just taking forever and being stoopid.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wordy Wednesday ( a few days late )

  •  Sweet Pea is very ticklish
  • Her hair is getting more and more curly
  • She gets super excited when the cow "moos" on her see and say
  • She also gets excited when the phone rings, and thinks that she should get to talk on the phone herself. 
  • Last night during dinner, Sweet Pea was screaming for more. So I asked her if she wanted "more", while signing "more". She immediately picked it up and started signing it! Every time she started screaming, I would ask if she wanted more, without signing, and she would sign! Success! 
  • Sweet Pea has pretty much learned where her bellybutton, nose and eyes are. She will sometimes point to her chest or vagina for bellybutton. But she's close. And she sniffs really loud for her nose lol 

  • She loves cardboard boxes, mainly loves to eat them. And board books. She eats all the board books. -_-

  • Wednesday, July 16, 2014

    Wordy Wednesday

    • Sweet Pea stayed up until 2am this morning...... (Thursday)
    • She's teething and fell sleep in the car on the way home from the park. So it threw her whole schedule off.
    • It's ok. She woke up at the same time anyway. >.< 
    • She loves bringing us toys, to show off and to play with
    • She's been a huge grump lately, who can blame her, cutting four teeth at the same time.
    • She's turned into a HUGE daddy's girl!!
    • She can almost say "ball". More like "baah".
    • She says "up" like a champ.
    • She adores my grandmother, "GiGi"

    Monday, July 14, 2014


    I'd like to add on to my last post. I wrote about a couple of ladies in my bubble. But today I'd like to write about the rest of my bubble.

    I am so lucky to have my bubble, and I've worked hard to get it to where it is today. There were a few bad apples trying to pop said bubble, a while back. But now, it's better than ever. 

    They lift me up whenever I'm down. They've all been there for me and Sweet Pea whenever we've needed them. It's really a community. I met a majority of them through Birth Without Fear, but a lot of them through another Facebook group I belong to. I've become very close to them, and I love them. And I'm very lucky to have them in my life.

    Sunday, July 13, 2014

    I love my bubble of ladies

    A good online friend of mine is a quilter. I've enjoyed watching her create the most beautiful quilts the last couple of years, while getting to know her, and seeing her boys grow up on Facebook and Instagram. 

    The past several months, she's been working on this gorgeous Very Hungry Caterpillar quilt, I assumed, for one of her boys, or to sell. She would tag me in her posts about it because, everyone knows how obsessed I am with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

    When she was done making it, she took one final picture, and tagged me in it, so I could see it. I offered to sell my organs to buy it from her, but she said it wasn't for sale, or she would give me a good price. 

    Fast-forward to yesterday. I get a message from said friend. She asked if I had checked my mail, and had put the same emojis I was using on her pictures. I think my heart literally stopped. She said she couldn't take it anymore, and I had to go check my mail. I ran....ok, waddled really fast, to the mail boxes. Nothing. Was this some sort or cruel joke? I checked the front and back door. Nothing. Gah! Clearly, the mail carrier doesn't get it. 

    I walked back inside and told M. (friend) the mail hadn't come yet. She was displeased. I had to put Sweet Pea down for a nap. Then the mail came!!

    Mister went and got it. And look what was inside!!!!!!

    I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

     ^^^ This is the backing ^^^ 

    We have it on the couch so we all can enjoy it.
    Today, Sweet Pea wouldn't settle down during nap time. She climbed off my nap, and went over to the big couch. She pulled down her quilt, and brought it over to me. She then climbed back into my lap and fell asleep. I'm just glad we have air conditioning now!

    Sweet Pea loves her new quilt, and so do I. I can't wait for it to get cold, so I can cuddle under it with Sweet Pea, and get warm. 

    I also won a giveaway from another friend that I made on Instagram, and have since become friends on Facebook. She also made Sweet Pea a special surprise! We're very blessed in our bubble of friends. She has an adorable Etsy Shop, totally check it out! 

    Wednesday, July 9, 2014

    Wordy Wednesday

    • Sweet Pea likes beets! We went out to dinner with my parents, and there were pickled beets on our salads...she loved them!
    • She had a blast at her new cousin's baby shower, and playing with her big cousin.
    • She doesn't like getting her diaper changed anywhere but home. She used to throw a fit about it, but the last few times has actually let me do it.
    • We got her some ball-bit balls for her pac n play, and she loves them!
    • I'm pretty sure she's cutting one of her K-9 teeth, and she's not very happy about it.
    • One of her favorite toys is the Very Hungry Caterpillar apple that her aunt and uncle (BIL) got her for her birthday. Every time I put it away, she runs to get it out again.
    • Sweet Pea LOVES spaghetti 

    Wednesday, July 2, 2014

    Wordy Wednesday

    • She's been eating more broccoli, because we sneak it into her food
    • She brings us her babies to play with, as she sits in our laps
    • She loves bath time, and splashes water everywhere
    • She does NOT eat when she's not hungry, good habit to keep
    • She's beginning to dance to music!
    • She's downright terrified of the vacuum! 
    • She loves Grandma (my mom) to pieces, and will ignore us when she is here.
    • She loves getting her puppy baby so Mister and her can play with it together.
    • She's 30 1/2 inches long, 26.2 lbs. Growing big and strong.
    • She loves the Wiggles.
    • She went to her first splash park, and had an absolute blast!!! 

    Tuesday, July 1, 2014

    Knoala app

    Sometimes I have a hard time coming up with things to do with Sweet Pea in or out of the house. I want herto be entertained, but I'm at a loss. Well, I stumbled across THE perfect app! It's called Knoala, pronounced like Koala. You put in your child's name, and age. And it gives you hundreds of ideas. It even lets you take pictures of you doing said activity, to connect with other moms. It breaks down the activities by age too, so they're always age appropriate. I wish I had heard of this sooner, for when Sweet Pea was younger.

    Best of all, it's free!!