Sunday, July 27, 2014

14 month update, and more

I feel like this past month went a little slower than previous months. I can almost accept that Sweet Pea is now 14 months old. Almost. 

Sweet Pea just walks now. There is no more crawling. When she gets really excited, and runs, she'll sometimes fall down, so we don't fully trust her on concrete yet. But she gets more confident everyday.

She's getting curl to her hair. It's mainly in the back, but it's there. 

She does amazingly well playing on her own. Unless I leave the room for extended periods of time. 

We're going to dismantle my bed and put the box springs and mattress on the floor, to make it safer for Sweet Pea. In hopes of transitioning her to sleeping on her own, during nap time. At least with me in the same room, but not holding her. So I can lull her back to sleep if I need to. It's going to be interesting, because whenever I take her in there to nap, she wakes right up and won't settle. But, we have a good nap time routine down, so hopefully that will help?
Sweet Pea hasn't had much of an appetite as of late, and I think it's due to teething. She spits out a great deal of her food and throws it on the floor, unless it's cheese. Even food she generally likes. I think it's normal, and if she's hungry, she'll eat. 
Today is Mister and my 9 year anniversary. Now that's a hard on to wrap my head around. On one hand it feels like forever that we've been together, on the could it be 9 years?? Crazy. We're staying in and having a nice steak dinner. It's going to be lovely. 
I'm working on changing my screen name....It's just taking forever and being stoopid.