Friday, July 25, 2014

Wordy Wednesday ( a few days late )

  •  Sweet Pea is very ticklish
  • Her hair is getting more and more curly
  • She gets super excited when the cow "moos" on her see and say
  • She also gets excited when the phone rings, and thinks that she should get to talk on the phone herself. 
  • Last night during dinner, Sweet Pea was screaming for more. So I asked her if she wanted "more", while signing "more". She immediately picked it up and started signing it! Every time she started screaming, I would ask if she wanted more, without signing, and she would sign! Success! 
  • Sweet Pea has pretty much learned where her bellybutton, nose and eyes are. She will sometimes point to her chest or vagina for bellybutton. But she's close. And she sniffs really loud for her nose lol 

  • She loves cardboard boxes, mainly loves to eat them. And board books. She eats all the board books. -_-