Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

  • I fell asleep with Sweet Pea today, in our nap chair. Tomorrow I hope to start transitioning to the bed. 
  • The circus is in town, right next door....the base from the music is ridiculous. They need to leave. 
  • My cousin is in labor!!! 7/28/14 I'm so excited for her!
  • I'm transitioning Sweet Pea to sleep off of me, and today is the first day. It took an hour, but she's currently sleeping in the bed, off of me! There were NO tears. I'm right next to her, because if she wakes up, it's a big drop, even though we took the bed apart. But, I was able to put diapers away, eat a sandwich and pee, all while she slept. Progress.
  • I put lavender doTerra oil on the bottom of Sweet Pea's feet before nap time today, and she fell asleep, off of me, in 20 minutes! Success!
  • Sweet Pea currently has her second fever right now, and threw up all over me last night. I'm hoping it's just teeth, and not a virus. She's even taking a second nap today, which rarely happens anymore. And I'm holding her, because, it wasn't planned.