Wednesday, August 13, 2014

When feeling overwhelmed....

Things I accomplished today
  • Took a shower
  • Washed diapers
  • Folded diapers and put them away
  • Fed and got Sweet Pea dressed (even if it was late in the day)
  • Fed myself (sometimes that's extra hard to do)
  • Kept the TV off for a good chunk of the day
  • Spent alone time with Mister
  • Got out of bed

Sometimes on extra overwhelming days, it's good to write down what you did accomplish for the day, instead of focusing on what you didn't accomplish. 

It's been really hard for me to fold and put away the diapers the past week or so. So much so that I put Sweet Pea in disposables for yesterday and today. But once I finally sat down and started folding, I felt better. It's soothing. I love my cloth. Even the smell of the Tide makes me happy.