Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Letters to Sweet Pea 18.5 months

Dear Sweet Pea,

I look at you and I still see the 12 month old that was just here. But then I look back at photos and videos and I really see how much you've changed and grown. You've become a full blown toddler.

You're a little bit of a finicky eater. You know what you like, and that's all you really want to eat. You'll try new things, but aren't afraid to spit them out if you don't like them. You're more of a grazer now, rather than a meal eater. You eat 2-3 "meals", and the rest are just little snacks throughout the day. Your favorite food is cheddar cheese, with grapes being a close second. You love all fruit really. You despise meat. We sneak it on you once in a while. You used to really like broccoli, but have lost your taste for it. So we've started mixing it in other foods. 

You still sleep with mommy in her bed. Sometimes you roll away and just sleep next to me, but usually we snuggle all night. And I love it. I also still hold you while you nap. People tell me all the time that you're too big to hold while you nap, but we manage. Some day, you won't want me to hold you. So, I do it while I can. 

Developmentally you have soared, yet again. Your vocabulary has gone through the roof. There are too many words to list, but your favorites are "Hi" and "What's this" on repeat. Your fine motor skills have also improved. We got you a bead maze, and you love it. You also love stacking rings and blocks, especially Mega Blocks. Those really frustrated you at first, but you love them now.

You've been very kissy the past couple weeks. Which I love because, you were on a kissing strike for a really long time. You are the friendliest kid I've ever met. You say "hi" to everyone, and share extremely well. I hope that lasts. 

I love you more than words can say baby girl. You light up our lives.