Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not the best day

Sweet Pea has started refusing her naps! I'm in a panic. She's been awake for nearly 5 hours, and there's no nap in sight. Umm.....naps are my quiet time. My time I just get to browse Facebook, and Instagram. Not have to worry about her climbing on top of the TV stand, and nearly falling off. 

Speaking of.... Today I really need nap time. Sweet Pea has been testing my patience all day, and I haven't been doing very well with gentle parenting. Sweet Pea has been wearing on my last nerve.
We made it to nap time. My cousin called, and Sweet Pea fell asleep as we were talking. Every time she (Sweet Pea) refuses to nap, or fights bed time, I start to panic. What if she never sleeps again?!! Totally rational, I know. I do worry that her naps are beginning to dwindle though. It's too soon for that. She's only about 20 months. She still needs naps. I still need her to nap. 
She woke up a complete crank, and her diaper was leaking. I changed her diaper and gave her a cookie. Mother of the year award goes to.... And I popped dinner in the oven. I tried to give her a healthier snack after, but the cookie ruined that apparently.