Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Slowly shrinking

Christmas went off without a hitch. Daphne was spoiled beyond belief. And we got to spend time with most of the family. I got the last of the Christmas put away last week, and then bought more of it today, haha 

Yesterday, I hit a big milestone in my weight loss. I hit 100 lbs gone! A couple years ago, well actually pushing three years now, I lost 70 lbs. I gained 10 of that back before I got pregnant with Sweet Pea, and then gained it ALL back while pregnant. So I was back to my top weight, to the exact pound. 

In 2010 I was at my biggest. I went to Alaska to see a friend graduate from college. We were walking around doing pub crawls, and I couldn't keep up. My friend was sweet enough to make up a story about me hurting my ankle, so I wouldn't be embarrassed and wouldn't have to continue. I went back to my room, still embarrassed. They knew......they knew. So, this picture is at her graduation. 100 pounds ago.

And this picture was Christmas day, the most recent I could find. So *technically*, I've lost more weight since then lol  

I don't see a big difference, and I've only gone down 1.5 pant sizes, which is a bit discouraging. But the scale doesn't lie, and Mister says he sees it in my back a lot. I have a long way to go, about 150 lbs, but I know I'll get there.....eventually. I lost these 100 lbs in a little over 19 months. I'm only 22 lbs away from my next big goal, which I haven't seen since about 2006. Early 2006. I'm working hard, and it's paying off.