Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Learning and Easter

Sweet Pea has been working on her letters lately. So far she knows 3.5 of them. I say 3.5 because the rest are "E", including E lol She knows K, O, and S. She can say them and point them out when she sees them. K sounds more like "cake", but she's getting there. We're going through flash cards, and she learns from Sesame Street. 

She also makes a lot of animal sounds, her favorite sound right now is an elephant. But her favorite animal is a duck, or a "guck". She also likes to talk about snakes a lot too, and roar like a lion. Half the time we go to change her diaper, she'll end up crawling down the hall roaring. 

Easter was a lot of fun this year. We celebrated with my mom, and Sweet Pea had her first egg hunt. She caught on right away. She loved finding all her "eggies". My mom got her a big stuffed "guck", which she fell in love with. And a few other goodies. We had a great ham dinner, and I ate way too much. Sweet Pea even had a few bites of ham, which is a big deal, because she's not a big meat eater anymore. 

The next day was actual Easter, and Mister hid some eggs around the house before Sweet Pea and I got up. So we had another egg hunt. Sweet Pea was ecstatic. She got a book, playdoh and a diaper cover from our favorite WAHM, Rock-a-bye Booty. Then we ate leftover ham and had a nice quiet day. It was wonderful. I think a new tradition has been started.
I hope everyone else had a nice Easter as well.