Thursday, May 28, 2015

Alone time

We have hit sleep bliss in the 'Pea house. Ever since Sweet Pea was born, she has slept in mine or Mister's arms. Mainly mine. Recently, I have been laying down with her at nap time in bed, because she's simply too long to hold in my lap on the couch. I would lay there, while she slept, on my iPad. Getting nothing done. 
Then, I can't remember why, but I decided to get up. I wanted to vacuum without terrifying poor Sweet Pea. I wanted to sit up right. I wanted to clean up a little, because my mom is going to watch Sweet Pea this Saturday for the first time, while I'm at a conference. And she slept. She slept 3 hours. I was able to pick up all the toys, vacuum, put away her birthday presents (there will be a post about her party) and watch a mommy show, all without interruption. OH! And Mister and I were able to eat dinner, alone. Like a date. Without someone yelling for all our food.

Then I got really bold. I wanted more alone time with Mister. I started putting Sweet Pea to bed at our normal bedtime, and then would sneak away to watch a couple shows with Mister, alone. As well as eat popcorn. It. Was. Glorious. Going to bed at nearly 3am, and waking up at 9am is pure hell, but I regret nothing. Alone time is nice. Quiet is nice. A clean front room that I can enjoy, is nice. 

I love Sweet Pea more than anything in the entire world. But I forgot what it was like to be an adult. We're not one of those couples that goes out, ever. We don't need babysitters, ever. Having my mom watch Sweet Pea this Saturday is a huge deal for me lol This will be the first time I've ever left her with anyone but Mister. 

I'm sleep deprived now, but it's worth it.