Sunday, May 10, 2015

Feeling discouraged

I've hit a plateau. I've stopped losing weight, and I've even gained a couple pounds this weekend. This kind of terrifies me. Granted, I think my period is coming, but that only justifies this week. What about the 2 weeks before that? I can't really restrict my calories anymore, or I won't be eating enough. 

I could incorporate more exercise into my life, in fact....that's what I should do. But with a toddler, that's kind of hard to do. I've tried doing videos at home, and she just runs circles around me, trying to give me hugs. Sweet, but difficult to workout around. I've thought about going on fast walks with her in the stroller, but we have a crappy stroller, that isn't really meant for that type of thing. I'm most likely just making excuses. In all reality, I hate exercise. 

My appetite has also increased. I'm trying my hardest to ignore it. I'm eating healthy-ish foods, but remaining under my calories. I suppose if I ate more healthy foods, I could eat more food. The thing is, this is what I've done for 125 lbs, and it's worked. I was hoping it would work for the next 125 lbs. 

What I'm scared of is that, this is it. I'm done losing weight. My body won't let me lose anymore. Or worse, I'll start gaining it back now. Like it's the universes cruel joke. You worked your ass off, but you're still fat, and you're just going to get fatter. What if, you know? 

It's so discouraging to have such a long way to go, and not seeing any of it coming off for 3 weeks. (I just looked back in my log, it's only been about 2 weeks...if that) BUT IT FEELS LIKE FOREVER!

I was losing about 2 lbs a week, so to not lose anything, it's still discouraging. Yeah, I've come a long way, but there's so much further to go.