Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Is it bedtime yet?

Today was a long day. It felt like I was with a 2 year old or something. >.< 

The WIC appointment that we had to go to was right around Sweet Pea's nap time, and that place is the germiest place on earth. So we tried and failed to keep her in our laps. She was happy once she got to play. But then her name was called. That's when it all went to shit. You would have thought the world was ending, the way Sweet Pea screamed, and carried on.

She got weighed, 31 lbs *66%* and measured. I didn't get to see how tall she was, and the lady didn't get a chance to tell me, through all the screaming. But Sweet Pea is healthy, so that's good. 

She then fell asleep on the way home, we stopped an picked up a pizza, which was seriously under topped. And for a person that is counting every calorie, and doesn't get pizza very often....that pisses me off. Sweet Pea opened up her eyes as we pulled into the driveway....only 35 minutes after falling asleep. That's it for her nap. That shouldn't even count as a nap. 

Later, Mister and I played hide and seek with Sweet Pea. Which is the most hilarious game to play with an almost 2 year old. They obviously don't get the idea of hiding, and giggle through the whole thing. At one point, she laid in the middle of the floor. Another time, I tricked her and had her thinking I was hiding in her little tent, and hid behind the couch. Apparently that was against the rules, because she didn't want to play anymore after that. It actually scared her :( Up until then it was a lot of fun. 

We picked up the decorations for Sweet Pea's party today, as well as some of the goodies for the gift bags. Looking forward to the party!