Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dirty Thirty

This past weekend, I turned 30. I had such a hard time with it. I actually cried the night before. 30 always seemed so old. Like, after 30, you were done. You couldn't have anymore kids. I think that's where a lot of my stress was coming from. I felt like I wasn't allowed to have anymore babies once I turned 30....now I realize how silly that is, and I feel better about it. 

We kept the celebrating pretty low key. I wasn't going to do anything, but my parents forced me to lol Friday, Mister, Sweet Pea and I went out to dinner with my mom. I had my first adult beverage in.....I don't know how long. Way before Sweet Pea was here. It was fun, but I'm good for a while. Then Saturday we went out with my dad and step-mom to an old family favorite. 

Whenever I would ask Sweet Pea if she knew my birthday was coming up, she would respond with "I eat cake?" She knows what's up.

So far, 30 isn't so bad. Here's to turning 30 a couple more times ;)