Friday, December 4, 2015

Letters to Sweet Pea 2.5 years

Dear Sweet Pea,

You are growing into the most amazing, intelligent little girl. You are so caring and compassionate, not to mention beautiful. Your beauty astounds me every day.

You're 36 inches tall now. I know when you read these, that won't seem that big, but you started out less than 20 inches. Your hair is getting so long. We trimmed your bangs when you were 18 months old, but haven't cut it since. It's a beautiful golden light brown, the same shade as your daddy's when he was your age. I think you're going to have dark hair like him.

You've gotten better with eating, but your favorite is still fruit (usually grapes) and cheese. You would definitely eat that multiple times a day. You're liking meat more and more, your favorite being chicken. 

You go to bed very easily, we definitely got lucky there. You still sleep with me in my bed, and we snuggle most of the night. Sometimes, you roll over and use your own pillow. *Spoiler alert* Grandma Mimi is getting you Peppa Pig pillow cases for Christmas!

Before bed, you have your milk and then we brush your teeth, put your PJs on, and then brush your hair. You then pick out a book, lately it's been "Shnow White", we read it and we go to sleep. 

You nap on your own in our bed now! When you wake up, you're usually very upset and run as fast as you can to the front room, asking to watch Caillou. The past few weeks, you've been napping on me a few times here and there. You wake up happier, but I'm not sure you get quality sleep that way.

I don't even know where to begin on your developmental growth. Your vocabulary is....mind boggling! You speak in full sentences, asking questions, making little jokes. You're simply amazing. Daddy and I understand 99% of what you say, others have a little more difficulty. 

You're able to count to 10, sometimes 15!! You recognize your letters, and can almost sing the ABCs. You've known all your shapes for ages, and are able to draw a circle.

We've just started to introduce the potty again, we tried when you were newly 2. You've done 2 tiny tinkles and 1 poop! However, I don't think you're quite ready, so we're going to take a break and try again in a few weeks. You did ask to sit on the potty last night though, and even went!

You are obsessed with Peppa Pig! So much so, that almost all your gifts from Daddy and I are Peppa related. You also love UmiZoomi and Caillou. We are currently watching Peppa on the iPad, after an after nap meltdown. While holding your stuffed piggies, that you got for going potty.

You become a giddy, giggling maniac when we play with your stuffed soccer ball as a family. You're learning to catch, but really enjoy it hitting you in the face. Lately, your favorite thing to play is either making chocolate cake, with your play kitchen, or being a doctor. You were using a shoe string thing as a stethoscope, so we ordered you a toy kit. Your favorite part is listening to the heartbeat. After we've made the beating sound, you say "say hi!" in your adorable high voice. It's my favorite.

You're a strong willed, independent young lady. People are always commenting how polite you are, I of course beam with pride. I'm so proud of you and I'm so lucky to be your mommy. I love you more than words can describe.