Thursday, March 3, 2016

Good night Sweet Pea

I haven't posted for a while, what's new? Sweet Pea is growing like a weed, and we're planning her third birthday. 

I really just wanted to come and write about what happened tonight at bedtime. She's never had a hard time going to bed, except the couple of months, when she was an infant. 

Tonight, she started crying and saying she can't go to bed. I asked her why she didn't want to go to bed, but she wasn't really able to verbalize it. I rocked her for a while and sang, then she was able to lay down. I adjusted her pillow, and her Georgie Pig was under it (from Peppa Pig) She was so excited! "Oh hank you! Hank you mommy! I don't want to yose Georgie!" 

I asked her if she had a dream about losing Georgie, and she said yes. She said she didn't want to drop him and have him fall :( It was so sad! Anyway, she laid right down, we snuggled and she fell asleep. 

I have a few post ideas jotted down. I just have a lot going on. Crazy stuff. Good stuff.