Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mom brain is no joke!

Does anyone else feel like the need 5 of everything? On for each room. I'm talking like, medicine, or oils, or thermometers, or potties LOL 

By the time I get to the room, where the thing that I need is...I've already forgotten why I'm in there, and I leave. Later, I think "oh ya! I need to do that." and it starts all over!

I went to finally switch the laundry over, from washing it this morning. I held it up to my face, to smell it. I do that with all the laundry. I think it started, when we started cloth diapers, because I needed to make sure they were really clean.

ANYWAY, they hadn't been washed! I held gross, dirty laundry up to my face...and took a huge whiff. It didn't stink, but didn't smell like Tide -_- 

I remember putting the clothes in there, adding soap, then leaving to wash my hands....and never coming back. 

It's taken me alll day to write this, because I keep getting side tracked. 

With dumping potties, wiping down the counters, dealing with this staph infection on my memory is shot. 

I go to get some tea tree oil, for my face...then think, oh. I should pee while I'm here. *you never know when your sneeze will be TOO big*. By the time I'm done washing my hands...I leave. Completely forgetting the oil. Same thing with Sweet Pea's eczema cream. I forget it. So I put it in the front room, for easy access. Then forget to take it to bed, when I get her ready. 

It's just a bunch of little things I'm forgetting. But gah! I feel so inept.