Friday, May 20, 2016

No kisses for Sweet Pea

My heart is sad this week. 

Sweet Pea is turning 3 on Monday, and her party is tomorrow. 

I should be smooching her sweet face, any chance I get. She's learning to go potty in the potty, and I should be showering her with kisses. 

Instead, I tear up every time I go to kiss her. 

I have this disgusting staph infection on my lip, right under my nose. If I kissed my sweet girl, she would most likely get it. 

I got this wonderful thing, when I was in the hospital, having Sweet Pea! My face itched from the epidural, so I was scratching it and had an oxygen thing up my nose. It was awful. 

Sweet Pea kind of understands. I told her it's an owie and that she would get it if I kissed her. So she gives me kisses on my cheeks.

I'm craving kissing her sweet little cheeks.

I remember when she was a newborn, and I had this, I wasn't able to kiss my baby. My baby that I have waited all my life for. I kissed her foot once, by accident, and had to hurry and disinfect it. 

My heart is going to break, if I can't kiss my girl on her birthday. I'm literally in tears thinking about it.