Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Potty training, as a better mommy

It's happening! It's finally happening!!! Yesterday afternoon, Sweet Pea asked to sit on the potty! I ripped that pull-up off so fast, and we ran to the potty.

We sat, and sat. And sat. Then we sat a little more. Nothing was happening. We moved from the little potty, to the big one, and sat some more O.O Then went back to the little one.

We read books about going potty and saying goodbye to diapers. We even watched videos about it.


I moved the potty to the front room, and told Sweet Pea we weren't wearing diapers at home anymore, unless it's for sleeping. That we were going to be naked for a while.

Then...I pumped her full of juice, water, POPSICLES!

She's been dry since, except for her night time diaper. She doesn't really want to get off the potty and play, yet. But we're getting there.

Right now, she's sitting on the potty, in front of the TV....watching Caillou -_- Don't judge me. It's working lol

She *just* mentioned going poop!!! She's really not comfortable going poop out of her diaper, so fingers crossed this goes well. I don't want to traumatize her.

She is going to be 3, in 4 days :'(  She's growing so fast. But I am definitely ready to be done with diapers, of all kinds.

The thing no one really talks about, with potty training a child, is the parent being ready too. Everyone needs to be in the right mindset, and ready to commit to it. It means, jumping out of bed the second the toddler wakes up, to rush them to the potty. It means not leaving the house, for several days, until they get it down better.

It means you'll be cleaning up messes, a lot of messes.

The past few weeks have been amazing. I have felt so energized, and so happy. All three of us are doing well, mentally. (Physically, I hurt like a mofo)

So I guess, the stars and planets had to align just right. 

I've been rocking motherhood the past few weeks. Sweet Pea told me this morning, "You went to the conference, and now you're a better mommy!"

She's talking about the 4th trimester body love meet up, as well as the Birth Without Fear, Find Your Village meet up. We were talking to her about it, for a long time. We wanted her to be comfortable and more at ease with me being gone all day. She did great ;) 

I was having the worst mom guilt in the world, before the conferences. I was crying all day, about being a horrid mother. I was lashing out at Sweet Pea, and Mister. 

But after going to both these conferences, and connecting with like minded people, in real life, changed everything. 

I feel more confident, in my body and my parenting. January Harshe pointed out, that if your kids are fed and have a roof over their head, you are a good parent. 

Sweet Pea never goes to bed hungry, we own our home outright, she's clothed...except for the last couple of days haha She has a warm bed to sleep in, and warm arms to wrap around her. We're good. She's good. She's so loved.

Jen McCellan, from Plus Size Mommy Memoirs and her partner, spoke on body positivity and being in the pictures with your kids. She said something that made almost as much sense as January's point. 

Love the body you're in. This is the one you have, right now. There's no point is spending your life, miserable. Is being thinner, going to actually make you happy? Will all your problems simply, disappear, because you're thin now? I know mine won't.

So I'm going to spend my life, enjoying this body. It grew the most amazing human in the world.