Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just a little update

I think Sweet Pea is officially potty trained. I'm saying that very cautiously. 

She has been dry for about 2 weeks, and has been in undies *at night* for about a week. She had one accident a couple of weeks ago, at the beach. Ohhhh and she had a couple when she was sick, that I completely forgot about. 

I've been in so much pain, for like...3 months. The last week has been the worst. I was crying everyday, crying myself to sleep. It.was.awful. 

Yesterday and today have been better. I still hurt, but not as bad. If I keep moving, it hurts less. But the moment I sit down to rest, I feel like I'm dying. 

It's mainly my back/spine and is currently my left shoulder as well. My spine always hurts, but the other pain moves around. My skin hurts, and I get awful muscle cramps/spasms. Most days, it's just too much. 

With all of that, things are actually looking up. We're becoming more organized and are taking care of things that have needed some TLC for a long time. 

We're hoping to get our roof fixed soon, and then we'll be able to fix the floors. 

Mister and I are going to take Sweet Pea to the beach for the night, in a little over a month. My mom is letting us use her timeshare. I'm really looking forward to it. 

I have a doctors appointment next week, to find out what the hell is going on with my body. Because I'm done. 

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